2017 EmpowHER Summer Series Promotion

Join us for …….

PowHERup Wednesday (Lunch) 

and Sundown Saturday (7:00 pm) 

EmpowHER Book Club (EBC) is an interactive, multi-platform reading club bringing passionate readers together to discuss inspiring leadership stories.

EBC will host PowHERup Wednesday and Sundown Saturday for 5 minutes to 10 minutes a session and will response to threads depending on the number of interactive messaging.

Our interactive sessions will consist of live, pre-recorded or written format with our authors and moderators.

Once a month, EBC along with the authors, will host an in-person discussion with the book.

Where can I get my copies of the books?   You can order online at amazon.com, iBooks, author’s website, or your local bookstore or library.

How do I join the discussions?

  • Join us on Facebook!
  • Tweet us using #empowHERbookclub
  • Come to the blog!

Come hang out with us for our interactive virtual book club while staying in the comfort of your home, job or salon.  Find your favorite place to relax just as I did today and dive into a superbly motivational girl power book!


A Glimpse of Glory – Contributing Author Nicole Evans – Chapter 11
Category: Leadership
Year of Yes – Author Shonda Rhimes
Category: Leadership
Madam CEO – Contributing Author Carolyn Powery – Chapter 9
Category: Leadership
The Audacious Woman – Authors Pamela Toussaint and Tamara Toussaint, JD
Category: Leadership/Branding
The Happiness Project – Author Gretchen Rubin
Category: Self Help
The Party’s Not Over Until God Says So – V. Lynn Whitfield
Category: Inspirational
Entrepreneur 2.0 – Courtney McKenzie Newell
Category: Leadership
The Presidency in Black and White – April Ryan
Category: Fiction

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