About Us

EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches is a nonpartisan organization that does not support or oppose any political party or candidate.

EmpowHER unleashes the power of open and free discussion of political events which only allow all points of views to be voiced.

EmpowHER discourages its board and team members from making partisan comments during sponsored EmpowHER events, training or conferences about elected officials or political parties.

EmpowHER’s mission is to connect with women and girls; find strength of character, leadership; to influence and transform the political, business and power structure with our community.

EmpowHER has a vision of propelling a global community of strong women.


Personal (Leadership/Branding) Empowerment: Provide women with education and resources to enhance personal and professional growth.

Economic Empowerment: Increase the economic capacity of women through financial literacy.

Political/Legal Empowerment: Increase the number of women elected and appointed to positions of power.

Educational/Health Empowerment: Promote positive outcomes for all women by creating opportunities for success.

Youth Empowerment: Develop girls into future women leaders.


Geanine Wester ~ Founder

Kalinthia Dillard ~ Board

Stephanie Lee- Secretary

Stephanie Lee ~ Secretary

Jacqueline McIntosh-Gibbons

Jacqueline McIntosh-Gibbons ~ Treasurer

Sandra Caruso ~ Board

Sharon Gill ~ Board

Dr. Eugenia Millender ~ Board

Tanya Vaugh-Patterson

Tanya Vaugh-Patterson ~ Board

Roslynne Powell

Roslynne Powell ~ Board

Jo Rose

Jo Rose ~ Board


Charisma Adams

Charisma Adams

Wilneeda Emmanuel

June Hunt

Lady Hereford

Ann McLaughlin

Ann McLaughlin

Pam Cook

Pam Cook