Bio: Susan Bucher

Susan Bucher

Susan Bucher was elected as the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections on November 4, 2008 and has been re-elected subsequently. Susan Bucher served in the Florida House of Representatives for 8 years, before being term-limited in November 2008. Susan worked for six and a half years as the Legislative Aide to the late Representative Ed Healey prior to being elected to the House seat.
She has served as a public employee, working for municipal, county and state government. Before being elected as your Supervisor of Elections, Susan Bucher participated in numerous political activities including many campaigns. Susan Bucher is also a member of several organizations in Palm Beach County. She has served as a member of the District 9 Human Rights Advocacy Committee, the Child Abuse and Neglect Committee of PBC, the Cancer Society and the League of Woman Voters.
A true advocate of her constituency, Susan is known for her detailed study and knowledge of legislation and Florida law. She is particularly well versed in Election law, having served on the Ethics and Elections Committee in the Florida House. In the first six and a half years as the Supervisor of Elections, Susan oversaw 39 Election Days and 1 mail ballot election, including 391 races, 6 recounts and 98 ballot questions with success, and has managed to reduce the Supervisor of Elections Office budget and return over $21.6 million dollars of unspent tax money to the county.
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