EmpowHER Conference 2018

Please join us as we explore the latest frontiers that pertain to medicine, science, pharmaceuticals, and the evolution of treatment from pills to gene therapy. Questions regarding stress and wellness, pain management and opioid abuse, disease prevention, hormones, robotic surgery, and genetics are open for discussion as medical scientists race to understand, prevent, and cure a wide range of intractable diseases. Our advocates are waiting to engage your questions and help you find solutions that will aid you on the path to wholeness and healthy well-being.

Pain Management
Attorney Salesia Smith Gordon, who is also a licensed pharmacist, will discuss the opioid crisis as it reaches catastrophic levels and healthy choices for pain management objectives.

Behavioral and Mental Health
Dr. Eugenia Millender, CEO of Caring For All of You, will promote understanding of the impact psychological imbalance has on your physical well-being.

Dr. Joanna Drowos, an Associate Professor of Integrated Medical Science at the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, will offer the keys to prevention of many life-threatening disease processes which plaque women.

Dr. Michelle Lizotte-Waniewski, Associate Professor of Integrated Medical Science at FAU, will address the looming crisis and rates of depression, anxiety, and burnout among medical professionals and other women.

Please accept our invitation by registering for this conference and gain empowerment in healthy lifestyle strategies.

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