HERmazing Voice – April Ryan


Ms. Ryan represents the lone voice addressing matters that concern this country’s governance of American minority citizens to the White House officials up to and including the president.    She usually can be seen seated  on the third row, center, steely-eyed, and courageous with enough draw in her demeanor allowing her the opportunity to voice, query, enlighten, and empowHER her audience with answers and information they want and need to know.  She has the unique position as a voice of leadership in this capacity. Ms. Ryan is one of many who carry the torch lit by our ancestors as we strive for a stronger and better future.

She is the voice of courage, asking difficult race-related questions to some of the most intransigent individuals in politics. As an African American reporter, she is reflective of the tragic history and struggle to maintain freedom and racial equality today, one question at a time.  How can we as a nation end the perpetual burden of racism and level the playing field in order to achieve peace the world has never known?

Strength is the order of the day when maneuvering in a political climate stoked with duplicity and mendacity.  Reporting in this arena is not for the faint of heart and April’s role is no exception.  Ms. Ryan labors in a manner that facilitates a deeper dialogue of policy and problems regarding the minority community.   Her in-depth knowledge of American history qualifies her to communicate issues that resonate within the African American community to effectuate equitable policy for generations to come.   

By Pamela D. Cook

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