Is Self-Acceptance Killing Us?

Medical | EmpowHER of the Palm BeachesIn a move against the ultra thin and unattainably thin models, a movement has erupted utilizing the hashtag #LoseHateNotWeight in their desire to accept themselves. This movement is a way for women to feel comfortable in their own skin regardless of the constant media push of highlighting the thinnest of us and shaming women who put on a few pounds. Women don’t have to accept having the pre-baby body a mere six weeks after the baby is born.

The problem is that this movement has caused an unintended consequence  –  obesity has shortened women’s lives for the first time since 1993. Americans, on average, weigh 15 pounds more without having become any taller compared to the American 20 years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Of course, humiliating or hating people who are struggling with their weight is terrible. However, we should not act as if the extra weight does not cause other health problems with profound effects on ourselves and our loved ones with a high cost to society, who will need to cover the medical bills if they can’t pay.

As the National Institutes of Health has reported, “Excess weight is often accompanied by high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and other health problems. The total costs attributable to obesity-related disease approach $100 billion annually in the United States.”

In light of this trend, we will discuss the causes of the obesity at our upcoming conference in March. We have invited Dr. Eugenia Millender who specializes in mental health disorders involving depression, anxiety, bipolar and general mood disorders and Courtney Minors, a registered dietician who works with women who are diabetic and need to manage their weight. Find out what these women have to say about how to prevent these disorders and diseases and how to get help.

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