Political Official: Dorothy Jacks

Political Official: Dorothy Jacks

  • What inspired you to want to work in the political or corporate arena? I am committed to public service. My career is a true reflection of what I see as the need for the government to have committed passionate people in important offices. I believe in the power for the people and the need to follow the rule of law. My office operates on a set of principles outlined in the Florida Statutes, our respect for those laws if the first thing we think about when we are making any decision. Politics is an opportunity to place good people into important roles. I am committed to making that happen, and that is why I have entered the public arena.

  • What advice do you have for women that want to spark change? Work hard, find good mentors, and listen. Sometimes we can get caught up in what we think is “right”, but it is always important to have a sounding board in someone we trust who we should “check in” with to be sure we aren’t going in an unhealthy or unhelpful direction. Keep your eye on the goal but always feel your way forward.

  • What do you feel is the single most pressing issue facing women today and why? Job and salary equity, and recognition that women have multiple hats to wear, motherhood, care for elderly parents and family plus careers. This is not an excuse, but rather should be taken into account when decisions are made about promotion and salary. Too often women have to choose between a career and a family, and it shouldn’t be so.

  • Tell us about a woman mentor that has helped your journey: I was lucky enough to know Judge Mary Lupo, the first female Circuit Court judge in Palm Beach County. She was a personal and professional mentor; she had a family and an amazing career. She also helped me when I first started working, introducing me to professional womens’ organizations and making me aware of how our County worked. She was always there to counsel and guide me and her faith in my abilities was what propelled me to greater things. She also, by example, showed me that I never had to be treated as a second-class person, that I was every man’s equal and I should be proud of who I was as a professional and as a woman.
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