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WOMEN LEADERS are the VOICE that says what needs to be said. While it often happens at a great risk, standing up for yourself and your team often inspires others to do the same.
WOMEN LEADERS are afforded the opportunity to be the ones to advocate for others. Recognizing helping others to succeed takes nothing from self, it adds power to create change.
EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches inspires WOMEN LEADERS to be the ones to have the courage to speak up.


WOMEN LEADERS are the CATALYST to propel future generations toward their dreams.
WOMEN LEADERS defy all odds and achieve the unthinkable without losing heart.
EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches inspires
purpose-driven WOMEN LEADERS to be the catalyst through sharing powerful storytelling,
implementing strategic branding, establishing a specific niche and utilizing the best
economic resources.


WOMEN LEADERS do not wait for opportunities to present themselves as kairos, but are ingenious, forging new pathways to manifest greater opportunities beyond the scope of the everyday norm.
WOMEN LEADERS are enterprising, staying current with the fast-paced technological advances and thereby remaining relevant
and progressive.
EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches inspires WOMEN LEADERS to be intrepid to the vicissitudes of life’s journey as they transform
the roles of leadership for the next generation and the future.

The Empowerment starts HERE – EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches, Inc. exemplifies the spirit of our brand and brings it to life in an inspiring and effervescent way for women everywhere. Join fellow women professionals for a day of engaging discussions and empowerment presentations designed to help you achieve work-life balance, professional growth, leadership development, economic opportunities and personal branding.

Our Conference Theme: Hidden Figures ~ Women Leaders are The Voice, The Catalyst, The Future

Our keynote speakers featured during our general session will deliver fascinating, captivating and motivating insights. Our expert speakers are ready to share their experiences, successes, failures and life lessons to keep you growing into the life you deserve. You will receive extremely practical information and you will leave each session with ideas and tools that you can put into action immediately.

This conference is designed with you in mind. We know that each attendee is looking for answers to her own situation. Our breakout sessions provide the perfect opportunity for each attendee to choose the topics most relevant to her own life. The sessions will be led by experts in their designated field. Each session will be packed with techniques and “how-to’s” that you can incorporate into your life, business, career or finances.

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