Women in Politics: Why We Matter

Women in Politics: Why We Matter

According to Inter-Parliamentary Union (www.ipu.org) and a study that was recently conducted November 1st, 2015—the United States of America comes in 72nd place when it comes to women in national parliaments. With only 20% in the senate, and 19.4% in the house for women representation. While this may be an improvement from many decades ago, they’re still many roadblocks for women in politics. We are constantly bombarded with inane excuses as to why women wouldn’t succeed as political leaders—but most decisions involve women—how outrageous is that?

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This gender imbalance in our government is alarming no matter what political party you belong to. Many decisions being made about our health and body’s, are being decided by men who are not fit or adequate enough to make these choices. So what needs to be done?

With no simple or over-night solution—to start seeing improvements we need to understand why women in politics matter. Why our voices need to be heard whether it is more female political leaders, voters, and/or activists. It all starts with educating ourselves on the things that affect us as a marginalized group, and seeing who are making these decisions for us.

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“It’s important to remember that Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth, that other great suffragists − whether white or African-American − didn’t advocate for suffrage for progressive women only, but for suffrage for every woman. They knew that every voice and every experience count in our political rooms. Their accomplishment reminds us that gender, like race, also always matters, regardless of political philosophy” (Sive).

For example, earlier this year Republican women U.S. House Members started uproar over an abortion bill that would have sent anti-abortion activist into a frenzy had they not been there and spoken up on behalf of women—because just like race, women’s lives matter as well.

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