1st Annual Women’s Conference Wrap Up

Inaugural Women’s Empowerment Conference, March 25, 2017

The Inaugural Women’s Empowerment Conference hosted by EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at the Hilton West Palm Beach motivated women from across South Florida to discover their passions and use them to make a difference in their homes, workplaces and communities. The theme of the conference was E3: Educate, Elevate, Empower: Turning Passion N2 Action. Throughout the event the speakers focused on the power of We. We can make a difference one woman at a time.” Geanine Wester, president of EmpowHER of the Palm Beaches, said in her opening remarks. One of the general session speakers, VoteRunLead cofounder Rhonda Briggins, challenged the nearly 200 people in attendance to look around at the others at their table and pledge to support any of them who might be considering running for public office.
Another general session speaker, Kalisha Dessources of the National Collaborative of Young Women’s Initiatives, spoke about how hard work, determination and encouragement from her family led to her being appointed policy advisor to the White House Council on Women and Girls during the Obama administration. Conference goers also heard the inspiring personal testimony of government law attorney and lobbyist Yolanda Cash Jackson, who spoke of We in terms of the current statistics of women in office at the local, state and national levels. “You have to have a voice. We have power together,” she said. Similarly, National Congress of Black Women President Dr. E. Faye Williams said via a video presentation that as women, we need to respect one another and fight for our constitutional rights. The day included a panel discussion on women’s health issues featuring local physicians and health experts, as well as breakout sessions on topics of leadership, economics, political, branding and legal empowerment from 42 additional speakers.


EmpowHER Friends Share…

The EmpowHer conference yesterday was simply outstanding! I attended, primarily, to support the organization. I did not expect the workshops and speakers to be of much value to me because I’m a retiree. But, I was wrong. I gained several pearls of wisdom that will be very helpful in my volunteer work. The networking opportunities were abundant. I chatted and exchange cards with remarkable, diverse women I would not otherwise have encountered. The food was good, and the bag of favors contained useful, informative (and tasty items). Only one of my ears works, so I was especially gratified that the sound system and acoustics were good. My hat is off to you, Geanine. You put on one of the best conferences I have attended – bar none. Congratulations to you and your team for a job well done! ~ Ethelene Jones, M.D.
No words can describe the motivation and determination that was rooted in me from attending the EmpowHER Conference 2017. I had an enlightening and empowering experience that has strengthened my desire to be an advocate in my community as well as make strides in my personal and professional life. From the dynamic speakers to the diverse and powerful women I networked with during the event, I can say I feel truly elevated, educated, and empowered! ~ Angela Perez
Geanine, Thank you for all you poured into this event. I heard nothing but positive remarks about it. You should be proud of yourself and the board for your result of your efforts. Hope you take time to relax and reflect on all that was accomplished. ~ Vennie Lynn Whitfield
A great success! ~ Salesia Smith-Gordon, Esq.
The conference was one step away from being perfect! ~ Carolyn Silverstein
Very informative, well delivered, excellent presenters. ~ Annie Ruth Harrison
I left there well equipped to “empower” other women ~ Charlotte Wright
The conference was very informative and the speakers were very knowledgeable. I felt the conference was very well organized/planned, very insightful. ~ Maxine DuPont
I thought the EmpowHER Conference was very informative. The entire day was organized and well spent. The leadership and entrepreneur presenters made it quite interesting for participants. Job well done! ~ Veoletta Wright
The conference was a very professional and classy event. I loved the variety of vendors, speakers, and topics. Overall it was a lovely and empowering event. ~ Shandra Daniels
The conference was a wonderful experience for me and the other women attending. I enjoyed the presenters and was pleased to see the young girls that participate in the EmpowHER Leadership Academy for Girls. I hope that there will be more conference in the future. I will certainly attend them. ~ Sandra Chamblee
This was the “Best Women Empowerment Conference” I ever attended. Geanine, you all did it! I enjoyed myself to the fullest, especially in the Judge/Lawyers Sessions. ~ Vanessa Moses
WOW! From a mere thought, to a phenomenal movement! YOU ARE AWESOME! ~ Anonymous
The EmpowerHER conference delivered a high energy, high content day with significant ROI for all attendees! ~ Rita Craig, CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Conference was well planned & organized. The guests were given a variety of topics to choose from. The speakers where amazing. Loved the way you could discuss and give views within the groups (opened discussions) Q&A at the end. Look forward to more conferences. Spoke with some guests, we all left feeling refreshed and empowered ~ Karen Sims
I attended the conference, and I must say hands down it was the BEST choice I made all year. I was in the Leadership session and Sharon your questions were dead on. The ladies on the panel were very informative, encouraging and sincere. Great Job EmpowHER! ~ Moraima Walker
I enjoyed every aspect of the conference and look forward to attending next year. ~ A. Coleman
The experience was beautiful and exhibited professionals on all levels. Everything ran smoothly and there was a positive atmosphere of professional women. ~ Carolyn Powery


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