Current Numbers

This page contains current numbers of women officeholders with links on the right to basic fact sheets for each level of office.


Federal Executive

7Cabinet and cabinet-level positions

Fact sheet: Obama’s Executive Appointments


U.S. Supreme Court


Fact sheet: Women on the U.S. Supreme Court



10419.4% of 535 seats

Fact Sheet: Women in the U. S. Congress 2015




U.S. Senate


Fact Sheet: Women in the U.S. Senate 2015





U.S. House

8419.3% of 435 seats

Fact Sheet: Women in the U.S. House 2015

Bar-US House




Statewide Executive

7724.7% of 312 seats
(total, includes governor, lt. governor and other statewide elected officials)

Fact Sheet: Women in Statewide Elective Executive Office 2015



1 non part1 nonpartisan


Overview Fact Sheets (summary information for all levels of office)

Women in Elective Office 2015
Women of Color in Elective Office 2015

State Legislature

1804 24.4% of 7383 seats

Fact Sheet: Women in State Legislatures 2015

Bar-State Leg-2



1 non part11 nonpartisan, 4 Independent, 1 Working Families Party.

State Senate

440 22.3% of 1972 seats




1 non part11 nonpartisan, 1 Independent.

State House/Assembly

1364 25.2% of 5411 seats


Bar-Stat House-1



1 non part3 Independent, 1 Working Families Party.


Mayors – Cities over 30,000

256 18.4% of 1393 seats

Fact sheet: Women Mayors in U.S. Cities 2015


Mayors – 100 Largest Cities

17 17% of 100 seats

Fact sheet: Women Mayors in U.S. Cities 2015


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